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Looking for a complete set of sprites to bring your creation to life? Or maybe you are just as into low resolution pixel art as I am. Feel free to use this asset pack to make the best of it!

This is the first entry on a collection of asset packs exploring an array of game genres with mainly 8x8 sprites and a restricted color palette, so stay tuned for more!

Table of contents:

  • 3 ready to use backgrounds;
  • 1 sliced background for parallax effect;
  • 5 player ships with left and right movement sprites;
  • 10 characters with 5 speaking sprite variations;
  • 36 enemy ships;
  • 6 boss ships;
  • 52 projectiles;
  • 12 animations (boosters, explosions and shield);
  • 14 miscellaneous sprites;
  • 10 UI Pannels;
  • 12 pre-made buttons with 2 collour variations;
  • 15 miscellaneous UI elements with 2 collour variations.

I would love to see the masterpieces you guys manage to create with this art, so please comment a link to your projects!

Want to check out some similar content? Take a look at my Isometric TRPG, Tiny Ranch or Ghost Ship asset packs I've made. They are free!


Creditting is not required, although deeply apreciated! Use Gustavo Vituri if you want to give me a shout out.
You are free to use all sprites in both personal and commercial projects. You are free to modify all sprites.
Please do not redistribute this asset. Do NOT mint NFT's using this asset.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(47 total ratings)
AuthorGustavo Vituri
Tags8x8, Aliens, Pixel Art, Sci-fi, ship, Space, User Interface (UI), vertical


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SpaceShooterAssetPack_BackGrounds.png 5 kB
SpaceShooterAssetPack_Characters.png 2 kB
SpaceShooterAssetPack_Ships.png 4 kB
SpaceShooterAssetPack_Projectiles.png 1 kB
SpaceShooterAssetPack_Miscellaneous.png 2 kB
SpaceShooterAssetPack_IU.png 5 kB
SpaceShooterAssetPack.zip 22 kB


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(1 edit) (+1)

We have used the asset.

I am not very good at drawing, so it helped me a lot.

This is my first work. It was very fun to do.

Thank you very much.

Geriant Boura bula by Kintapioka (itch.io)


lovely assets, I am already a fan!


nice game


Come back Gustavo, we miss your assets ! =D


You have no idea how much I needed to hear that today, Cole&Gram so thanks for that :_)

I've been meaning to get back at asset making but life always gets in the way these days ahahah But I'm sure I'll eventually get into calmer waters again and finally make a come back!

Again, thank you so much for the kind message. It really made my day


what's the font tho?

(2 edits)

Hi there!
Thanks for asking, but the font used for all the sample art was made on the fly and never found it's ways to the pack, sorry...

But maybe this is the comment that makes me introduce the font to the pack ::eyes::


its alr, nice work btw 👍


I used your work in my game.thank you very much.


(1 edit) (+1)

I used some of your ship sprites as a base for my game :) Space Escape by me


Hello, I used your sprites as the base asset pack in my game and I can honestly say it's an amazing resource wholeheartedly recommend to anyone doing a pixel style space game!

Max Rocket by choZ3N (itch.io)

I can't stress enough how heart warming it is to hear that!!! Thank you so much for letting me know about the game. I'll certainly give it a try!

(1 edit) (+1)

Hoi dis Temmie I'm using your assets for my gam tooo!! 0.0
Public testing basically :3
(13) Lost Viper by Shogor - Game Jolt

Amazing!!! I'll be giving it a go 

Thank you so much for letting me know. It is really heartwarming to know people are still using the assets to make some super cool games :D


Thanks for your great work! The quality is amazing.
Made a game for LowRezGameJam 2023 with thie assest :D.
Here is the link to my game: https://cosformula.itch.io/space-zero

(1 edit)

Hi hi. It is amazing to hear the assets were put to good use by amazing devs live yourself!

And hey, it seems we will be competing in LowRez Jam, because I'm also working with a friend on a game for it haha! :)

Idk if it is due to some problem on my end, but I find my self unable to load the game, gettin this static grey screen every time I try playing it.static grey screen


Loved the pack ive used he assets to create a old school solo RPG book


Awesome work!! I used the ships from this pack in an invaders remake that can be found here

Thank you for making this and making it available for everyone!

Code and credit can be found here!

(1 edit)

Hi there!! It is so great to hear the sprites were put to good use. Thanks for reaching out and letting me know you've made this amazing game with the pack, this really made my day!

Have a great one, mate, and keep making amazing things!


I'm glad you enjoyed the game!! And same to you, have a great one and keep making amazing things!!


I played your game on desktop and really enjoyed it! Mobile didn't seem to work, but you're probably aware of that. If you post your game on itch you will probably get even more feedback!


Thank you for playing! And I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! 

Yes, mobile does not work yet. I'm hoping to use this game to teach a small course on coding fundamentals for a few students over the summer. And I was considering leaving the mobile implementation as a personal challenge for them to complete after the course. 

But if I do get some time, I would definitely also implement it myself for the sake of playing this on mobile :D  

(1 edit)

Hehe I made it so close...

(1 edit) (+1)

These are great, an amazing value for the price. Awesome work!

Thank you so much!! I'm sure you'll be able to make something amazing with it :)



(1 edit) (+1)

Amazing work, there's a lot of great stuff in there

Do you accept paid commission ? I really like what you're doing

Hey there! Thanks for the kind words :)

About the commissions, I'm currently not taking any... Been away from art for quite some time now, but hopefully I'll get back to it someday. Thanks for asking anyway. Have a nice one, mate!


That's too bad but no worries

Have a good one too


Great assets! I used them in my first game jam (188th Trijam). I also gave you credits.

Here is a link to my game: https://gekkesucro.itch.io/space-station-sabotage.

(1 edit) (+1)

What an amazing thing to hear! And what a fun little game :D

I did my best but oh boy those ship are faaaast


What a find!


Lovely style! Great work!

Tysm! I'm planning on getting back to making some more low res packs, so stay tuned :D



Thanks :)


I love this sprite pack I'm going to use it for a game series. Any custom logo you would like me to use for my credits? If not I'm going to use the logo in the lower right of the first space shooter pack.

Thanks! I'm happy it will be put good use :D you can go with that logo for sure, I'm good with anything really!


I made this game for the GMTK 2022 with this pack ! You are in the credits !



Hey Gustavo, I think this space shooter asset pack would be a great addition to my project - the Flowlab game maker (https://flowlab.io). Would that be OK with you?

Hey there

Oi, that is awesome to hear! If the assets are being useful, I'm totally ok with that :)


Thanks! I think they're going to be super useful :)


some one please tell me how to cut this up into individual sprites please i have been trying to cut this for so long.


Hey there! In which software are you trying to cut it?

i game maker studio but i am fine with it just cut any way, i tried it manually and it took to long.


This looks amazing!


I'm using this in my project. Thank you!

It's very experimental stage though.. 


(1 edit) (+1)

use it for my game, wait the link!


This exactly what I needed, Thanks! I'll make sure to credit you :)

Glad the package will be put to good use! :)


Great asset pack! Maybe you should try to create a game demo! 


Po cara, curti de mais as artes. To iniciando em gamedev, como eu faço pra cortar as imagens e extrair os sprites? usei um site mas elas sairam super tortas...

Hunmmm, você pode usar alguma ferramenta como o libresprite para cortar cada sprite individualmente. Muitas engines também já vêm com ferramentas de corte e seleção de sprites!


Thank you for making this pack, I want to make a game with these do you plan on adding anything else to this pack?

Hey there! I'm happy to hear the assets will be of good use :D

About expanding it, for now there are no plans on doing so. But I do plan on overhauling all my assets when I have the time to do so... And that might come with small expansion for all sets.

Would you mind sharing what would you like to see added to the set? Thanks!


Maybe add some muzzle flash effects too :)


Perfeito! Vou usar em um projeto, muito bom.


Vou colocar os créditos, na open source do jogo.

Muito obrigado!! Toda vez que leio que a arte será usada em um projeto sinto que todas as horas de trabalho no pacote valeram a pena, hahaha!


Game is done

Howdy bro! These are perfect for a project I'm working on. I'm making a collection app to keep all the games I make in. Thank you so much for this incredible artwork.


awesome! I'm glad the assets are a good fit for the project :) Let me know when it is done, I would love to see it!


Just uploaded my first game project using your asset :P with credits ofc! Keep it up.

It really warms my heart to know my assets were used in your very fist game!! I've just played it and had a blast :D
Thanks for making it and keep it up buddy, cuz if that was your first game, I can't wait to see the next one!


Tão bonitos! <3 (>°.°>)

Obrigadooo!! Fico feliz que tenha curtido :D


Hey made a game with your assets, loved them. Was wondering if you'd ever be open to doing some commissions?

Hello there!! I'm glad to hear you liked and was able to make a game out of the assets! I'll make sure to test it out ASAP :D

Do you mind if we chat about commission work over on discord? Here is my tag viturowski#4437. 


Hello, so ... I got it now has the .exe if you have problems
let me know hehe.
(1 edit) (+1)
Hi, so I made a game with your assets and left the credit to the 
creator of the asset, it is a very basic game because Ichallenged myself to make 
a game in just 2 days and it was really cool, here the link:

dude that is soooooo awesome!!! :D
I'm really happy you made it and that it was fun!

I'll try it out for sure! Thanks for letting me know :)


why there are no meteorites D: i need meteorites for my game :(

Currently there are only two meteorites for this set! Right now I'm planning on making an expansion pack for this set, so we might have some more asteroids in the future, alongside new player's ships and bosses! :D

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