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Tks! I use for my game!


I love your work.

Thank you!! :)


Love it! I know 8x8 can be super restricting, every pixel counts


Thanks! That is SOOO true and that is what makes me love it, really... It is quite a challenge to ponder which details are pixel-wort and which are not, which colors go well together in such a tiny space and how to animate a single pixel to convey movement. But when you get it just right, it all feels so rewarding! :D


Exactly! Animating especially, also its hard to do shading and lighting xP


Hello! I liked the font you're using on your page, where can i download it???

Hey there! The page was built using pixelated font, I don't really know which one is it tho... But if you want to use it on itch pages it is as easy as switching it when creating a page!

I inspected the page and from what I could see it uses the 04B_03_ font by default, anyway thanks for answering!


Im not going to use this asset pack only because the theme of it doesn't fit what I'm trying to do... but I 100% shamelessly copied the design of it to fit my theme/needs. I love it, and I hope this doesn't bother you. Will definitely (try to remember to) share any end results with you and give credit for the inspiration.


If it served as inspiration for what you did, the pack achieved it's goal! I'm 100% happy with it, mate. And I'm sure you'll make somethin AMAZING with it :D
I would love to see the sprites you made and the progress on your project, so I really hope you remember to hit me up when time comes, hahahah. Have a nice one!


Really cute asset pack! I will definitely be using this in an upcoming project and post here if anything comes of it

Thanks!! And please do let me know about anything made with it, I'm crazy to see it in action and I'm sure you will make something wonderful with it :)

Hey, Thanks for the quick reply! I just have one thing to ask if it's not an issue - what palette did you use for this asset pack?

Humm, that is a very good question... Hahaha, I don't really recall which one was it, I'm sorry. I probably have it saved somewhere tho, so if I come across it I'll try sending you the palette :)

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yo can i ask are these guys hogs or dogs 

Well, I don't remember making any hog, so I assume they dogs hahaha! Even though hogs would be a good fit for the asset... Maybe in the future :)


yeah, hogs and boars


epic asset mate!

Thank you, really appreciate it :)


Definitely huge thanks to you, now I can create my own farming Sim! I am currently using your asset, and I'll credit you for sure!

Thank you for your hard work at making this, very much respect!

Hey, thank YOU for using the assets!! That is like the most rewarding thing I could wish for :D
Please keep me updated on the game, Farming Sim's are my favorite genre of games and I'm sure you will craft something amazing with the assets!


Hey, I am using this asset, and it's super cute! I got some problems right now, currently I am trying to plant my crops on the "soil". However, it doesn't look as good as it does in the first picture. Do you use some kind of shadowing in the pictures?

Another issue I got is when sprites change position. When that happens, the crop's placement is outside the soil. Also some crops are larger than the soil, is that intended?

Hi!! Thanks for reaching out :)

So, for the shadows I decided to not place them in the assets so people could experiment with it. But what I used in the mockups was a black ((0,0,0) / #000) with 50% alpha.

As for the sprite placement problems, yeah, that was "intended"... Hahaha, with that I mean I needed to make them like that so that it looked like the intended crop, even tho it did ended up messing up with it's position relative to the planting plot.


Alright thanks! I'll modify them to my liking and hopefully I can produce a small little fun game :)

Do it! I'm sure you'll make something amazing with it :) keep me updated, please


I'm creating a game using this amazing art! You will definitely be credited!!!

Oh heck yeah!! Keep me updated on that, please, I can't wait to see the first game made with these :)


Great tiles! I don't know exactly how I'm going to use it yet, but I really want to do something with it.

hahah, please do! And I'm sure it will be something amazing :) Remember to hit me up, I love following projects crafted with the assets I make!


Спасибо , я украл этот пак для своей игры . До встречи 


I am happy to know! please let me know when the game is ready, I would love to see it :)

Я рада узнать! пожалуйста, дайте мне знать, когда игра будет готова, я хотел бы ее увидеть :)

I don't really speak Russian, this was google translated, so I'm sorry for any mistakes. XD


Don't worry, it looks like whoever wrote this also used Google Translator :D


Hi Gustavo, great work! I really like the style, simple to the eyes but with a lot of personality and details :) Love all the animals!

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Thanks for the kind words :D 

what amazed me the most on the making of this set is how "readable" the sprites turned out to be, even with such low resolution (effectively 6x7 if you don't consider the black outline). It really doesn't take more than a few pixels and some context clues to trick our brains into thinking we are seeing a duck, a dog, a hat... Crazy, right?!

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yeah and that's why I like pixel art. It require a bit of work for our brain but I think we are all set to 'imagine' the subject even with few pixels (think about paleolithic art). And yours are very simple but also very recognizable. Thumbs up!


Hey! Excited to see a new pack! Do you have a specific license for your asset packs? I want to make sure I don't disrespect your work by modifying it without permission, etc. 

Hey, thanks!! Please go crazy with the modifications, I would actually love to see what beautiful mods you would create with it :D

The intention with my packs is to give ppl some cool art to learn or improve their game dev/any skills. So as long as you are having fun with it, I'm happy!

Crediting is cool, but if you don't feel like it, it is ok :) The only thing I really wouldn't like to see is the redistribution of the raw assets.


Very cool, looks very good. :)

Hey Bobby!! The positivity from you guys is the fuel for the things I make, so thank you so much :)


I love your beautiful arts.

I'm happy to hear that!! :)


looks fantastic dude!

My man! Glad you've liked it! It was hard to get back to work on this pack, but I'm proud I didn't give up



Thank you :) I'm always amazed with all the positivity that arises from the packs I post, it is what keeps me going!


Really love your animals!! Keep up the amazing work!

Animals turned out way better than expected, and my fav is by far the duck! Thaaaaanks C:


Wow! Nice job!

Thanks, mate!! I'm glad you liked it :)